Q&A 356 -Technology, detoxifications, Adrenals, Metastatic Breast Cancer

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2:18 – Michelle – Picture of her baby.

4:11 – Daniella “Dee” – Grettings from Bali, Technology, detoxifications, Adrenals.

56:05 – Karalee – I saw several YouTube videos of apes heartily drinking their own pee, both males and females. IS that because they are in zoos and are neurotic, or do they do that in the wild too?

59:58 – Andreas – My question is relating to a prolapsed portion of the transverse colon.

1:29:31 – Lindsey - Dr.Morse, my mother (49) has stage 4 metastatic breast cancer (diagnosed in 2011), since then she's had a hysterectomy, a mastectomy, the cancer has spread to many organs including her eyes, which she had radiation for. She fractured her lower spine and had surgery to put cement in place, this has caused her great deal of back pain. On feb 7
she ended up in the hospital with collapsed lung & tumour on her bronchial blocking 50% of her airway & now on oxygen. She's never done chemo. Please help!

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Christou Alice on Feb 21, '18

I love you Dr Morse! Thanks God for having you!

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