Q&A-355 - Liver Transplant, RA, Fruits, Thyroid Cancer

Mar 11, '163 comments
A Talk With Dr. Morse, Marcie, and Attila

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5:02 – Matias – 8-year-old wrote a book “The Book of Life.”

7:30 – Article – Vaccine Hope to Cure Crohn’s Disease

12:12 – Susan – There is no word irregardles, its regardless.

16:34 – Liver Transplant – Immune system rejecting it.

21:16 – 31-year-old mom. At age 8, diagnosed with RA & Iritis of the eyes. Lost vision in one eye and trying to save the other…

36:19 – PutMeDown - Fruits are expensive. Especially grapes. If I eat a whole meal of fruit, such as mangoes or grapes, I will be throwing up and keeled over in excruciating stomach pain. Just watching you push the fruits in this video, makes me cringe. That would be horrible for me. Haven't you ever seen someone with fructose intolerance? That is surprising.

40:32 – Sam – My Mum got cancer in the Thyroid gland and they had it removed about two years ago and she takes hormone pills.

42:43 – Lynnette – Does Dr. Morse believe a woman age 24 can still grow in height? How would he recommend to do this?

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halftheworld on Mar 15, '16

Please Awesome Healers: Do not discriminate on what you laminate XOXOOXOXOXOX

Bessie on Mar 14, '16

Want to know your take on HCG wt. loss protocol …by Dr. Simmons and Kevin Trudeau

Bessie on Mar 13, '16

Is Alzheimer’s reversible ? Thanks for the videos.

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