Evidence of Legal Misconduct in a San Diego Juvenile Court against a boy with Cancer

Nov 15, '161 comment
To help, contact: Bill Horn, District 5 Supervisor https://www.facebook.com/SupervisorHorn
Bonnie Dumanis, San Diego District Attorney

If you want to help, inform them of the misconduct (fraud) contained in this video (include the video) that has caused a 7 year old San Diego boy to be taken from his dad. This boy, who has leukemia, has not been allowed to see or hear from his dad in 16 months due to this fraudulent case. Thank you all and thank you Bill and Bonnie!

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linda on Feb 21, '18

i would really like to know the follow up to this story. the date is 2016 and there is no way to contact the father/poster of the video to know what has happened.

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